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Breaking News: Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is seriously awesome!

I came across this amazing Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator at the Mom 2.0 Summit conference in Laguna Niguel this past April. Best Buy had a booth with amazing gadgets and gizmos. I was immediately drawn to this fridge – and everyone else! It has so many cool (no pun intended) features yet the simplicity is remarkable!! It has a built in 21.5 inch wifi-enabled tablet making this fridge smarter than your smart phone! You can sync family calendars, share photos, download recipes, even order groceries online! Seriously!! This fridge catapults the modern family into the 21st century! Need extra fridge space? Not a problem! With a touch of button turn a zone from a freezer into a fridge and vice-versa! Hello extra space! Don’t you hate going to the grocery store and can’t remember if you need eggs? Well, this fridge has your back… Just open the app and have instant access to pictures to the INSIDE of your fridge! 3 built in cameras take photos each and every time you open and close the doors. My life would be complete with this fridge! Check out your nearest Best Buy to see this fridge. check out more information here:
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